What Makes Us Unique


Real World Experience

DAG instructors and staff have decades of experience, working around the clock and across the globe; in that time we've picked up a thing or two.  Medical emergencies, tactical and combat situations, crafting complex security plans; we have done it. If we haven't done something, we know someone who has and aren't ashamed to ask for help. Ego gets people killed, and we will never try to be something we are not. We are confident that our ability to organize and convey our years of training, knowledge and experiences will result in you walking away being better prepared to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

MILO Training System

Now available for civilian use- train on what the professionals have been using for years. Thousands of situations are ready and waiting.  Have a unique problem, or training gap?  Contact us, and we can tailor your training to suit those unique needs.   

Constantly Evolving Training

We chose to start this venture with the solitary goal of providing a quality product that has real world use. Whether you're seeking individual, semi-private, or group classroom instruction, we want you to leave us feeling like you and your loved ones are safer. Every interaction and class is completely different from the next because the world is constantly evolving; our curriculum and training techniques evolve along with it. There is always a more practical, efficient and effective way of doing things. We are here to bring you those ways.

Security Consultation

From general site surveys, to National Special Security Events; executive protection to counter surveillance;  target analysis to target interdiction- we have done it. We can bring this knowledge and experience to your organization, making it more secure, protected, and fortified against any and all potential threats.  

Foreign or domestic travel?  Is a family member leaving for an extended trip?  Let us help you develop a plan and prepare.  We have been perfecting security plans for years as Secret Service special agents assisting countless foreign dignitaries around the world and we want to help you.  We will provide you with easy to understand products and / or training that will increase your confidence and safety no matter where in the world you are.  We will ensure you that your family will be the safest possible and prepared for any event, whether it be how to best utilize a taxi service in a foreign country, planning daily travel routes, or dealing with a medical emergency, we can help you prepare with a custom tailored product made for you.  Additionally, during your trip a DAG team member will be available for consultation 24/7 from wheels up to wheels down.  Your safety is our primary mission, now you can travel with the same peace of mind as a high level diplomat or a fortune 500 CEO at a fraction of the price.

Real World Medical Knowledge

Shooting guns is fun, and we can teach you to be a quality shooter, or make you a better shooter. So can a lot of instructors. The reality is that a new battle begins after the gunfight ends. All of our products will help give you the knowledge and tools to deal with the medical problems that will arise when the smoke clears. Our tactics and techniques will equip you with the "all hazards" knowledge to keep you safe.

Open And Honest Atmosphere

Decades of experience has taught us much, but we are constantly learning, sometimes even from our students. This is what makes our classroom and instructional environment unique; we are not afraid to admit how we can improve, and we are not afraid to point out when you can improve.

Our business is a serious one, with real consequences. While we strive make every evolution as good as can be, we try to have fun too. Any follow on questions that may arise, give us a call or send an email, someone will get back with you.  

We want you and your family to be safe, and we want your questions and concerns addressed to your satisfaction!