Live Fire Content

Truly Individualized Instruction

From the amateur to the professional - We can work with shooters of any skill level. With our limitless capabilities in live fire exercises, we can tailor the experience to ensure that you get exactly what you are seeking to improve on.  We can also work on long distance engagements; wind readings, how to mil targets, range estimation, spotting, rapid engagement techniques, etc. 

Lack of Limitations

The only limitations here is the amount of time that you want to spend. We have access to a plethora of flat ranges and long distance shooting. We do individual training with pistol, carbine, and long distance shooting. We are also not limited to a static range which means we can do multiple threat engagement techniques, moving and shooting, etc. 

Real Proficiency

Repetition is the cornerstone of proficiency. We will help you develop the fundamentals of offensive and defensive handgun and carbine tactics such as stance, draw, trigger control, presentation and recoil management. We can also get behind the glass and work on your long distance capabilities.


Our current rates are broken into 5 categories:

  1. 4 hour session - $600
  2. 6 hour session - $900
  3. 8 hour session - $1050
  4. 12 hour session - $1200
  5. 16 hour session - $1500