This is the MILO Simulator!

You can experience what local, state, federal law enforcement, and even the military have been using for years.  We utilize the MILO training in all of our classroom courses, with the Intent of creating stress by placing students in real use of force situations.  We also can accommodate groups that want to try out endless shooting gallery games or any of the other arcade style MILO Simulator options.

Group/Date Night MILO Style

Course Content

MILO Simulator

On the MILO Simulator, you can pick your poison with over a thousand scenarios. The MILO has endless virtual ranges, gallery games, and scenarios. Try out your skills at the zombie apocalypse, the Old West, or in a modern battle zone.

Test your Skills

With literally thousands of simulated ranges, shooting gallery games, real world "shoot/no shoot" scenarios, and the zombie apocalypse, the possibilities are endless. Go head to head with your friends and fellow students, or test your skills against experienced armed professionals.

Group Outing

If you and some friends are just up for something different, check us out. And since there is no real ammunition involved, you can even BYOB and snacks making it the best. Flat group rates are $200 for 90 minutes  accommodating 2-8 shooters. Contact us to book a time for an outing or for party ideas.

Triumph Systems Pivotal Trainer

Below is one drill of many involving the Triumph Systems Pivotal Trainer.  We utilize these on our dynamic range giving the student the ability to not only engage turning targets while moving, but also adding the stress of identifying shoot or no shoot targets.